VAE-Based Copolymers

MC Química has a line of DISPERSIBLE copolymers in powder and emulsions (with at least 50% solids) based on VAE-vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymers- used in the production of mortars with highly superior characteristics and properties.

MC Química’s copolymers provide greater adherence to cementitious mortars on different types of surfaces. They improve mechanical properties, increasing flexibility, deformability and abrasion resistance. Product classes have specific properties such as fluidity and
hydrophobicity, allowing greater freedom in the development of formulations.

VAE-based copolymers in the form of DISPERSIBLE POWDER or in the form of EMULSION were developed to meet the most varied applications:

Mortar for Coating Walls and Ceilings
Mortar for Laying Blocks and Bricks
Sticky Mortar
Grout Mortar
Self-Leveling Mortar
Decorative Mortar
Plaster Based Products